A solo exhibition by Matthew Weedman

August 17 – August 27, 2012

Through a blending of antiquated and digital techniques Weedman transforms cultural objects of desire and wonder, such as snap-off figurines and an Electrolux so that they manifest a glow of ownership over their own yearnings of the “better.”

“Order No. 227” refers to an order laid out by Joseph Stalin under the slogan “Not a step back.” Matthew Weedman employs Stalin’s systematic order of progress as an example of the inherent dysfunction in affixing ideologies to notions of progress and success. Through manipulating and decontextualizing objects, sound, and imagery Weedman explores a personal and social history of the post WWII era and the codification of American ideologies of progress and happiness that have shaped and continue to mold our experience and the inherent humanity behind that impulse.