Performance & Reception

Saturday, Aug 4, 2012  |  6pm – 8pm

The Performance title, Medium, refers to both the collection and dissemination of otherworldly messages and to the formal material from which an artwork is created. The Bridge Club Performers will be seated on chairs suspended from the gallery walls and will respond to a combination of objects sound and projection to explore the intentional, wondrous and quasi-religious aspects of both art making and seeking the divine.

The Bridge Club is a contemporary visual and performance art collaborative comprised of artists Annie Strader, Christine Owen, Emily Bivens and Julie Wills. The Bridge Club’s interdisciplinary installation, video, live performance and digital media works are site- and context- specific, and each work investigates specific local histories, populations, contexts, stereotypes, expectations and conflicts. Performances and installations have taken place in both traditional and nontraditional venues, incorporating and responding to sites such as a hotel room, a city bus, an abandoned storefront, and a laundromat in addition to the traditional gallery or museum space. Each work is conceived in specific relation to its site and audience.