Opening Reception: Thursday, June 8,  6 – 8 PM
On view through July 15, 2017


Mike Beradino’s second solo exhibition at Art Palace, break, is a presentation of digital and tangible mediums responding to digital mediation, simulation, and Jean Baudrillard’s notion that “we live in a desert of the real”.

In break, Beradino uses 3D printed objects and custom laser cut panels to explore the relationship between the intangible virtual object and the real world simulation of said objects, challenging the viewer to analyze objects as simulations. At the risk of being overly reductive to the moment in Plato’s Cave where a group of prisoners only know the world through the shadows cast on a cave wall, the shadows represent a false vision of the truth, an illusion about reality. In Plato’s Cave, the prisoners have never seen the true objects that exist in the world, the objects which are casting those shadows, they believe the shadows are all that is. Beradino’s work Fox Skull (laser etched panel) is the shadow of the virtual object begging the question, what is the object?

Beradino’s work incorporates custom hardware and software to call attention to the ever-present and pervasive presence of digital mediation. Beradino’s process includes using 3D scans and archives found in the online repository of the Smithsonian. Through manipulation and reduction of polygon count, flattened versions are laser etched to create a minimalistic index referencing the “original” virtual objects. The flattened panel illustrating the shadow of the virtual creates a referential loop; the command “break” is used to stop or exit a loop in code.

Mike Beradino lives and works as a practicing artist and educator in Houston, TX. He has a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago & a MFA from Parsons the New School of Design. He has shown at Postmasters Gallery (New York, NY), The Kitchen (New York, NY), Art House Jones Center( Austin, TX), The National Science Foundation, (Arlington VA), and participated in the GIFER Festival ( Turin, Italy).