Opening Reception: Thursday, March 9th,  6 – 8 PM

Artist talk with Christina Rees: Saturday, March 11th at 1PM

On view through April 15th, 2017


Raychael Stine’s third solo exhibition at Art Palace, Higher Love, presents paintings born out of the moments when we are present enough to witness the love of the world. For over a decade Stine has featured her dogs in her paintings, the dog representing a big, risky, ecstatic, innate kind of love. Stine gets her color palettes by directly referencing intimate experiences and things around her, like the rainbows over the Sangre de Christo mountains of northern New Mexico, a pair of her sneakers, as well as other paintings in her studio and previous palettes from other works. One of Stine’s main objectives is approaching transitional space as transformative space; she explores the possibilities that dwell in the shallowest of areas, like behind a painting or between stacked postcards. A variety of marks and strokes hover together, disobeying natural perspective and creating room for the viewer to look, explore, and dream. Stine’s dexterity allows the paint to exist as image and material simultaneously: sometimes thin, veiled and illusionistic, like a shadow, other times chunky, goofy, and insistent straight off a palette knife. The canine figures emerge from this playful synchronicity of strokes and styles, appearing from a place we don’t know as well as the one we physically live in. Like a dream, we can only find this place when we pay attention and believe. For Stine, being present serves as an enormous opportunity to experience what life has to offer: joy, suffering, humor, wonder, loss, ecstasy, and higher love.
Raychael Stine is an artist living in Albuquerque New Mexico. She holds a BFA from University of Texas Dallas and an MFA from University of Illinois Chicago. Stine has exhibited at Central Features (Albuquerque, NM), Eugene Binder (Marfa, TX), Rhona Hoffman (Chicago, IL), Common People (Brooklyn, NY), Denise Bibro Gallery (New York, NY), Road-Agent (Dallas, TX), Marty Walker (Dallas, TX), and Leviton A + D Gallery (Chicago, IL), among others. Stine is the recipient of the Dallas Museum of Art Degoylier Grant, the Stone Award at University of Illinois Chicago, The Gendler Fellowship and residency at the Bemis Center, and the residency at the Jentel Foundation. She is Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of New Mexico.