Eric Zimmerman

Eric Zimmerman – Endless Disharmony & Telltale Ashes


Endless Disharmony & Telltale Ashes

Sep 7 through Oct 27, 2012
Opening Reception – Friday, Sep 7,  6-8pm

As part of a larger project by Eric Zimmerman, Art Palace will be host to collages, drawings, publications, and sound pieces. In conversation with the sister exhibition Telltale Ashes & Endless Disharmony at the Reading Room (Dallas, TX,) as well as the website,  Endless Disharmony & Telltale Ashes at Art Palace provides fragments of image, text, sound, and information to form a patchwork narrative that literally and metaphorically bridges time & space.

With roots in the exploration of historical evidence and our systems of knowledge, Zimmerman’s work exposes as many correlations as it does contradictions.  Effectively a search for, and creation of, symbols, evidence, metaphors, and images that reflect our longing for the mysterious and unattainable, Endless Disharmony & Telltale Ashes / Telltale Ashes and Endless Disharmony simultaneously questions and informs our most illusive desires and motivations to come to terms with our place in the world.

Eric received his MFA from the University of Texas at Austin. His work has been shown in group exhibitions at The Re Institute (New York, NY), Horton Gallery, (New York, NY), and Seraphin Gallery (Philadelphia, PA), as well as solo exhibitions at the Austin Museum of Art (Austin, TX), and The Old Jail Art Center (Albany, TX).