Tabletop Sculpture

Curated by Amanda Douberley
Exhibition Design by Erin Curtis

Richie Budd
Hunter Cross
Bill Davenport
Katalin Hausel
Mark Schatz
Jared Steffensen

July 14 – August 22, 2007

Tabletop Sculpture brings together small works by six artists working in larger-than-life-size sculpture and installation. Some of these “tabletop sculptures” are models for unrealized projects, while others are models made after the fact; still other works have no relationship with a big idea whatsoever. Here the active potential of the model as projection is tempered by the miniature’s provocation of a state of idle contemplation. To reinforce this ambiguity, the main gallery space at Art Palace will be transformed into a mid-century modern living room, a strategy that also echoes the gallery’s place inside of a house.

Artists included in Tabletop Sculpture are Richie Budd (San Antonio), Hunter Cross (Austin), Bill Davenport (Houston), Katalin Hausel (Austin), Mark Schatz (Houston), and Jared Steffensen (Rhode Island). Austin-based artist Erin Curtis will design the installation. Tabletop Sculpture is curated by Amanda Douberley.