Summer Fling

Curated by Ali Fitzgerald

Randy Muniz
Senalka McDonald
Christa Palazzo

June 17 -July 12, 2006

Ah Summer romance; sweaty palms gripping a sno-cone, a musty cabin and a shared case of mono. In Summer Fling, three young artists harness these first flickering moments of desire with works that investigate the delicate zone between seduction and repulsion, innocence and a newfound impurity. With large-scale bestial mutations, gender-bending portraits, and horrifying depictions of a skewed sexual dynamic, Randy Muniz, Christa Palazzolo, and Senalka McDonald show us not love lost, but love adulterated. Summer Fling, is not your easily idealized Summer tryst, but rather a record of the complications that occur when one finally leaves the campground.