Seth Alverson
Ghost Survivor of the Final Plague

January 20 – February 17, 2007

Art Palace presents Ghost Survivor of Final Plague, new drawings and paintings by Houston-based artist Seth Alverson. Through the use of narrative and a lexicon of troubling and fantastical imagery, Seth challenges us to question an individual’s agency in a moral landscape where time has unwound and the logic of the universe is unraveling.

About the artist (in his own words):
Forged in the bowels of Houston and raised in a cave with fire and blood, Seth Alverson found his way through a gauntlet of the sharpest steel. He was formally trained on the steep cliffs by the edge of the city (The University of Houston). It was here that he learned how to turn his natural surroundings into devices of unraveling order. Member of the Golden Dawn and worshiper of the Goat of Mendes, he is married to thirteen witches that, by feeding him their breast milk, keep him alive and in a state of divine trance. Recent conquests to the outer limits of this dimension have allowed Seth to plant a universal poison that, by reciting a specific incantation of his own composition, will bend the universe into a tail-eating serpent; where fire will cook fire until the least fixed thing will penetrate all things and all future events will be indistinguishable from the worst that time has to offer. Assisted by slaves who help keep the fruits of his labor behind and beyond all meaning at the same time, he is also moved by the ghosts of ontology who provide the assurance that life does not exist in the first place. Inspiration for him comes from breathing the breath of wolves and drinking the blood of virgins. Seth is currently working in his hometown, swinging a battle-axe into the faces of all his enemies.