Nina Rizzo and Stephanie Wagner
On the Horizon

Feburary 11 – March 23, 2006

Art Palace presents On the Horizon, an exhibition of new works by Nina Rizzo & Stephanie Wagner. The two artists move you beyond the original “view” into an unconventional mind-scapes where many of the structures operate as interlocking pieces that fit into, hold up, hang down, or are dependent on other shapes to create a fantastic sense of place.

About the Artists:
Nina Rizzo’s paintings were recently featured at Diverseworks (Houston), Stray Show (Chicago), Affair (Portland), Wormhole Gallery (Miami). Concerning her work, Rizzo reveals, “The architecture present defines the space, sometimes adhering to earthly laws of physics and sometimes freed from them- creating a non-sensical arena entirely indicative to the work itself. Walls, towers, blocks and patches of turf are merely tools used to encapsulate, occupy, and convey the emptiness in between. Truly, it is space itself that is being investigated here through the structures present”. A Lecturer at The University of Texas, Department of Art and Art History, Nina attended residency programs at Chateau de La Napoule, (La Napoule, France) and Vermont Studio Center (Johnston, Vermont) in 2005.

An MFA candidate at University of Texas Austin, Stephanie Wagner received a BFA from Cornell University. Stephanie’s work has been featured at Jose Ferrer Contemporary (NYC), F- Space Gallery (Los Angeles), Cornell University (Ithaca), Palazzo Massimo (Rome, Italy); and is currently on view at Creative Research Lab (Austin). In reference to her work Stephanie says, “I try to envision a landscape crafted from forms both real and imagined. Forms and shapes seem as if they are just about to fall apart or tumble from the gaudy world they inhabit. Operating as bodies of land or bodies of emotion, I bring together and blur the lines between the tactile and the subconscious”.