Louie Cordero and Heyd Fontenot
East Meets West

October 14 -November 15, 2006

Okay, I’ve got one. Shh! Lemme get this one right.
So a Coon-Ass and a Pinoy walk in to a bar. No, wait… A Cajun and a Filipino walk into a bar, excuse me. They don’t know each other. The Cajun is drawing naked people and the Filipino is carrying an electric guitar… no, actually, they don’t walk into a bar… they walk onto a farm in Vermont. In a tiny little town, right? Cows and pastures and everything. The Coo.. I mean, Cajun, is a forty-odd-year-old urbane homo, and the Filipino is a graffiti artist, punk rocker, a generation younger….
Doesn’t quite go where you initially think it’s going to, does it? Case in point! Heyd Fontenot and Louie Cordero, friends and collaborators since their meeting at the Vermont Studio Center residencies, Summer of 2004, have extrapolated on the arbitrary intersection of their friendship to further riff upon the chords of inverted (and perverted) expectations. East Meats West pinches, giggles, and rolls its eyes at your preconceived notions – and don’t you dare say that you didn’t have any.

About the Artists:
Heyd Fontenot – painter, filmmaker, designer, fabulizer – grew up in rural Louisiana; he has lived and worked in Austin, Texas since 1989. He is represented by Inman Gallery (Houston). Fontenot is to be featured in the Fall 2006, Western States edition of New American Paintings (#69).
Louie Cordero – painter, sculptor, cartoonist, and musician – grew up, lives, and works in Manila, Philippines. Cordero has won a slew of awards for his work, and has exhibited all over Pacific Asia as well as a number of times in the United States. He is currently featured in Giant Robot (#43).