Liz and Maurice Trevinio
Sighs Matters

Feburary 24 – March 24, 2006

How to make an orgy more indulgent? (Oh, that eternal question). Adding glitter, of course. Perhaps a growling tiger or two to flank the scene. In Sighs Matters, collaborative duo Liz and Maurice Trevino offer scenes of decadence that disintegrate into depravity, isolation and shame. Psychedelic patterning and bold color palettes heighten the anxious tension in the central tableaus of the Trevino’s triptychs. A series of objects, found in various San Antonio flea markets and recast in Kodachrome colors, offer iconoclastic nods towards a different sort of fetishism. Also featured in the show is a selection of black-light drawings inspired by seventies porn.

About the Artists:
Both natives of San Antonio, Liz and Maurice Trevino have been collaborating on their paintings since 2000. Their process often begins with a photograph, either found, staged by the artists or culled from magazines. Stripping down these photographic starting points to shapes and lines, the Trevino’s rebuild the image using a painting method that replicates printmaking processes.