Kara Hearn
Hunger Makes a Fine Sauce

May 8 – June 19, 2009

Please join us Friday, March 9 from 8-10 p.m. as Art Palace presents Kara Hearn’s Hunger Makes a Fine Sauce, in the Art Palace “Project Room.” Kara Hearn’s collection of video and other works highlights the artist’s interest in how we confront the depths of existential solitude and yearning by merging dreams, fantasies, and mediated (media) experiences with actual lived experiences to create the highly produced and dramatic heroic journeys that make up our lives. Working sometimes with actors and a crew and sometimes completely alone, Hearn make ambiguous ruptured narratives about the way dramas are staged and produced in the head; the way heroisms play out in the mind’s eye, the inside place where stories get conjured, dreamed, remembered. 

About the artist:
Kara Hearn currently lives and works in Houston completing her second year as a Core Fellow and Artist in Residence. Her work has been screened and exhibited at venues such as DiverseWorks, White Columns, Luckman Gallery, CCS Bard, SF MOMA, Pacific Film Archive, Walker Art Center, Dallas Video Festival, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. She received a BA from University of California, Santa Cruz, an MA from San Francisco State University, and an MFA from University of California, Berkeley. Her work has been written about on Artforum.com, in the Los Angeles Times, and ArtUS.