January 15 – February 19, 2011


– vb : 1. to put together substances or parts, esp systematically, in order to make or build (a building, bridge, etc); assemble 2. to compose or frame mentally (an argument, sentence, etc) 3. geometry to draw (a line, angle, or figure) so that certain requirements are satisfied;

– n : 4. something formulated or built systematically 5. a complex idea resulting from a synthesis of simpler ideas 6. psychology a model devised on the basis of observation, designed to relate what is observed to some theoretical framework.

Mixing the elements of traditional sculpture–its mass, volume, and solidity–with the possibilities of drawing, Jillian Conrad’s work has one foot in the world of objects and the other in the world of the imagination. Through an interplay of material surfaces, Conrad creates sculptures that tend towards the flatness of an image and drawings that slide into dimensionality. The new works in Construct plainly show the step-by-step decisions that went into their assembly, as if they came from a long lost book of architectural plans. Materials from the world of building are composed with a sense of play and rigor, resolving into constructions that toggle between image and object, illusion and reality, humor and beauty.

About the Artist:
Jillian Conrad recently completed the Core Artist-in-Residence program at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Sculpture Department at the University of Houston. Her work has been exhibited at Nurture Art, Brooklyn, the Bronx Museum, and the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT. Later this spring, Conrad will present new work at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island, NY and a solo show at the Hunt Gallery in St. Louis, MO.