June 27 – August 5, 2009

This is another intergalactic ballad de Spaztek: he just landed-its another hot Texas night-at a dancehall between Poteet and Bandera-Spaztek has been walking for 300 miles and his boots are down to flappy chanklas? The sounds of cumbias calientes and the soft sexy whispers of mala lovers fill his brain-something tells him este noche is gonna get picoso to the max.

Spaztek Stuka Krash: Spaztek has been traveling for 8 earth days-all of his navigation instruments are not working-his rickety Stuka Spaceship has just crested over the
Olympus Mons mountain range-everything is going wrong-the radio might be his only hope.

Live performance by Cruz Ortiz @ 8:15PM, June 27, 2009

About the Artist:
Cruz Ortiz lives and works artist in San Antonio, Texas. Ortiz’s work has been exhibited at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Artpace (San Antonio), Ev+a (Limerick, Ireland), The Louvre (Paris) and ARCO (Madrid). He will have a solo exhibition of his work at the Contemporary Art Museum, Houston in May 2010.