GRAND OPENING – Black Friday, Nov 25, 2011

Tue – Sat 4pm – 9pm
Nov 25 – Dec 23, 2011

Art Palace presents: ART MARKET, a unique holiday-art-boutique-gallery-festive-shopping experience that explores the different expressions of the word “market” in the world of art and commerce.

From Claus Oldenberg’s The Store (1961) through Damien Hirst’s manipulation of the art auctions, artists have addressed the relationship between art and commodity using various aspects of the consumer market as a medium in their work. ART MARKET pays homage to these and other distinctive moments in art history over the past 50 years with the intent of making the transactional exchanges and relationships transparent- between artist and gallerist, gallery and patron, art and commerce.

Limited editions and smaller-scale artworks from these Texas-based artists will be on view and available for purchase.

Take a break from the mayhem on Black Friday and stop by the opening reception 5-10pm on November 25, 2011. All works in the market range from $20 to $2500. Ten percent of profits will benefit TOYS FOR TOTS.