a view from there

Nina Rizzo, Sonya Berg and Carrie Cook

Jan 13 through Feb 25, 2012
Artist Reception – Friday, Jan 13 6-8pm

a view from there: Nina Rizzo, Sonya Berg, and Carrie Cook create paintings that apply aspects of the sublime to the contemporary landscape. Each artist employs romantic attitudes towards nature and a lush materiality to their painted surfaces as they negotiate between representation and abstraction. In a series of small-scale, yet grand works, Sonya Berg considers nature in its “wild” form as it approaches the fantastic. Nina Rizzo uses charged color and ambiguous space to create uneasy images of landscapes, both real and imagined. With an openness towards her materials, Carrie Cook creates collages and photographs that she then translates into paintings in her search to understand awe. In each artist’s work, painting is a vehicle to explore our psychological relationship with the land.