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Opening Reception: Friday, April 21st,  6 – 8 PM
On view through June 3rd, 2017


DAILY, IN A NIMBLE SEA is an anagram of BAILEY ISLAND, MAINE, where a tiny stretch of coastline is incessantly transformed by the interactions of fog, sun, and tides. When the tide goes out, a rocky field of seaweed is revealed. To walk across it is to traverse the ocean floor in the open air. It is a magical place, and for seven summers I have watched my children grow and change against this backdrop. Photographs put up a feeble defense against the passage of time: the still image halts the waves from breaking, only to paradoxically heighten our awareness of their inevitable movement forward.
-Barry Stone, excerpted from DAILY, IN A NIMBLE SEA
DAILY, IN A NIMBLE SEA is Barry Stone’s fourth solo exhibition with Art Palace, as well as the title of his forthcoming monograph. Stone’s practice is built on the multiplicity of photographic images; these malleable realities are produced in duplex. In some images, the camera alone documents distortions of light, scale, color, and time. In others, a process called data-bending shuffles the digital code of the photographs, resulting in gestural anomalies.
The exhibition arranges ten images of a deserted shore, a place of hourly transformation, with one image of his daughter. The cyclical, infinite grandeur of the ocean is cunningly matched against the temporal narrative of past, present and future. DAILY, IN A NIMBLE SEA materializes the idea that fantasy and reality yield to each other in perpetuum.
Barry Stone’s work has most recently been exhibited at GAA Gallery Project Space (Cologne, Germany,) The Lianzhou Photography Festival (Lianzhou, China,) and Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery (New York, NY.) His work has been acquired by esteemed collections including The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Cleveland Clinic, and Fidelity Mutual Corporation Collection. Stone is a founding member of artist collective Lakes Were Rivers and holds a BA in biology and MFA from the University of Texas in Austin. He is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Photography Program at Texas State University’s School of Art and Design. Stone lives in Austin, TX.


U N T I T L E D .    M I A M I    2 0 1 5

Barry Stone &

Eric Zimmerman 

December 1 – 6, 2015

Booth D21
Miami Beach: Ocean Drive @ 12th Street


We are proud to announce a two-person presentation by gallery artists Barry Stone & Eric Zimmerman at the UNTITLED. Art Fair, held concurrently with Art Basel Miami . See you on the beach in booth D21!



Opening Reception: Friday, July 18th, 2014, 6-8pm

Exhibition runs through August 16th, 2014.


Art Palace is happy to announce Summer Salts, a group show including Justin Boyd, Elaine Bradford, Jeffrey Dell, Peat Duggins, Nathan Green, Tatiana Istomina, Bradley Kerl, Joe Joe Orangias, Linda Post, Raychael Stine, Barry Stone, & Eric Zimmerman.


Look Near Into the Distance




Opening Reception: Friday, September 6, 2013, 6-8pm

Exhibition runs through October 26, 2013.


Art Palace is pleased to present Look Near Into the Distance, a solo exhibition by Austin-based artist Barry Stone. The arc of Stone’s work bridges the intersection between truth and fiction, reality and fantasy, and the natural and artificial. Stone’s photographs and paintings are world-making exercises, in which traditional notions of picture making are embraced and subverted. The landscapes and objects depicted in Stone’s works form perceptual mirages made possible through manipulations of scale, color, code, and paint. Simultaneously enormous and impossibly small, an improbably blue cave sits next to a distant, tiny super moon and a chandelier hovers in front of a cloudy,  black tromp l’oeil sky. Stone also manipulates the code of digital images, updating the storied traditions of still-life and landscape to create colorful and elegant glitched bouquets and sunsets. The show’s title is a summation and inversion of utopian thinker Ernst Bloch’s sentiment that utopians create their idealized visions of the future through close scrutiny of the world near at hand. World making, thus, is equal parts critical inquiry and hopeful future casting.





June 28th – August 10, 2013

Reception: June 28th, 2013,  6 – 8pm

A group exhibition by Miguel Aragón, The Bridge Club, Melanie Crader, Jeffrey Dell, Peat Duggins, Nathan Green, Charlie Morris, Jim Nolan, Linda Post, Barry Stone, & Eric Zimmerman.




In the Project Room:


The Wedding Party


Elaine Bradford


June 28th – August 10, 2013

Barry Stone
Darkside of the Rainbow

October 15 through November 12, 2011
Artist Reception – Saturday, October 15 6-8pm

Darkside of the Rainbow, Barry Stone’s first solo show at Art Palace, takes its title from the common practice of playing the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon (1973) album synchronously. Just as the superimposition of film and album suggests new associations emerging from the juxtaposition of seemingly incongruous elements, so too do Stone’s groupings of photographs, drawings, collage and paintings.

Stone places a photograph of a rainbow that seems to project from a man’s head at the seaside alongside abstract paintings of imagined dark portals, abstractions from vintage heavy metal music magazines, and digital rainbows created from press photographs. Placed within a fluid architecture-characterized by repeating motifs, contradiction and fantasy-any image grouping may suggest multiple meanings. Stone’s work revels in and lays bare the constructions of our image fantasies; in these works fact and fantasy fold into one another to create hopeful visions and yet offer dire warnings.

Barry Stone has exhibited nationally, at venues including the School of the International Center of Photography, New York; The Contemporary Museum in Baltimore; Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York; Ok Ok Gallery, Seattle; Marcia Woods Gallery, Atlanta; Tiny Vice’s, New York, and Arthouse, Austin. His work has been covered in the New York Sun, Art lies, The Photography Post, and Artnet.

It’s better to regret something you have done…

October 29 – January 8, 2011