E R I C   Z I M M E R M A N

for left hand

Opening Reception: Friday, April 10th, 2015, 6-8pm
Exhibition runs through May 23, 2015.


Eric Zimmerman’s fourth solo exhibition with Art Palace, Elegy for Left Hand Alone is an exhibition of art objects that take their lead from the idea of artifacts, evidence, and symbols. The title is derived from a section of Don DeLillo’s 1997 novel Underworld, which itself is a non-linear story about the byproducts of history and the figures who occupy it. Zimmerman’s new drawings, sculpture, zine, and sound piece contained in the exhibition are references to the human place within the world and our effect upon it. Present in this new work is an oblique questioning of the way in which we construct knowledge and a direct interrogation of our need for explanation, quantification, and understanding. A subversion of these needs is sought by placing a range of images and objects within context and proximity of one another in order to establish a series of open-ended and leading propositions. Sometimes these are political, other times poetic, often something else entirely, even something we’d rather forget. Surfing imagery reminds us of the rejection of the forces of Capitalism and an embrace of the doper slacker. In a new sound work Zimmerman has taken the recordings made from hydrophones placed beneath the Antarctic sea ice and filled the air of the gallery space with them. This is the sound of the sea and of transformation, the latter also suggested in a group of paper mache basalt boulders modeled after Joseph Beuys’ 1983 work, The End of the Twentieth Century. Ink drawings of meteorites remind us of the scale of the universe and our endeavor to seek ‘proof’ through science. #000000 Magic #FFFFFF Noise is a new zine containing two poems and photographs about our protagonists existence in the fever dream that is the Bayou City. A small drawing of an Aurignacian stone tool sets up a time-scale and whispers to us from an ancestral history we will never truly know and move further away from each passing second.

Eric Zimmerman received his MFA from the University of Texas at Austin. His work is currently on view as part of the group exhibition Urban Ecologies at the Galveston Art Center, and is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Zimmerman has previously exhibited at Horton Gallery, (New York, NY,), the Re Institute (New York, NY,) and Seraphin Gallery (Philadelphia, PA,). His solo museum presentations include exhibitions at Austin Museum of Art (Austin, TX,) Texas State University (San Marcos, TX,) the and The Old Jail Art Center (Albany, TX.) He currently lives and works in Houston, TX.

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